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Picture of silhouettes of 6 people in front of multicolored cogsBusiness to business dealings are everywhere. Some companies are suppliers, whether on a small scale or large scale, to provide other businesses their raw materials or finished products. Some provide the skillsets that local businesses outsource for certain services. Other organizations are proficient in offering additional, advanced trainings or continuing education to management teams, leaders of the company, or even just the ground level employees. If you fall into one of these categories, offering goods and services to other business ties your fate in tightly with others. When times are good, customers will have no trouble meeting your prices, but when times are bad, either for individuals or right across the board for everyone, your business will suffer right along with everyone else’s. In these cases, you may definitely want to do what you can to help out other businesses. Besides the loyalty from past purchases they may have gone through you to acquire, you know that when times turn around, they will want to deal with you again. Not to mention the fact that a sale today is better than one in the “future,” whenever that may be.

How do you offer this kind of support, especially if finances are hard on you, yourself? Offering payment plans to clients can be a double edged sword. The prospect of breaking down payments into easily manageable pieces can make a sale easier to obtain. However, the flip side is the loss of the funds if a client is unable, or becomes unwilling, to settle up for the rest. There’s always sending them to collections, but this adds an extra hassle and cost on your end, and will sour any future dealings. The obvious answer when a customer expresses dismay at the price is to ask for their credit card number – they can repay this later on their own time. But what if limits are maxed? Sure, accommodating them at a later time can be best for everyone, or you can offer them another way to meet their needs. The value added to problem solving for someone else can paint you in a very positive light.

That phone call that gives you, or your staff, a headache begins with excitement for someone signing up with you, turns to an awkward conversation about a price that is too high, and travels to the territory of annoyance when a customer just cannot commit appropriately. They have no funds, their credit cards have no more room, or they simply do not want to pay high interests on the credit cards in order to make your sale. Whatever the obstacle, imagine being able to say something like, “well, we don’t do payment plans ourselves (or at least, not the type that you want or need right now), but here’s a useful link to obtain a no-interest business loan. The timeline to repay it should be closer to what you’re looking for and you can avoid the high interest rates credit cards will come with.” Adding in this feature doesn’t have to take the part of offering it over the phone. It can be as simple as providing the link on your website at the time of signing up or paying for your course, product, or service.

Offer this to your clients as a way to pay the bill. The loan they obtain doesn’t have to strictly be for the amount they owe you. We specialize in obtaining large sums of funds for business owners. Extra room in the loan can be used for other needs for your customers. Best of all, they can now afford to pay for your services. The extra product or training can hopefully help them turn their own business margins around. Now, with more of their ducks in a row, they can look to pay back their loan, only they aren’t faced with the scary rates of merchant cash advance companies, or even the more modest rates of banks or credit cards. Since these no interest small business loans often don’t accrue interest for the first 6, 9, 12 months, even up to a year and a half, there’s a good chance they can make enough in profits to repay the loan without any interest accruing at all. What a dream come true.

Our partners can provide help for you, your clients, and even their clients. What a value added bonus to be able to offer your prized customers. After all, the best way to look after the health of your business may be to look after the financial help of your customers. Any business owner within the United States can apply, and all that’s usually needed for approval is a good credit score. While we market towards small business owners, the amounts they obtain can easily top 6 figures in no interest business loans. How many sales do you lose due to price? How many more do you think you might secure if at the time of closing, right then and there, you had an option for clients to obtain funding to afford your services? No hassling around, provide the link right on the page for your payment information. Now your clients can write their own payment plan with the potential for repaying 0 dollars in interest.

Your quick thinking in supplying this link will not only help your customers in the here and now, but can provide them a neat answer to future problems. There is no limit to how many times a business owner can apply. Should the time come for them to expand, or if they have a contact that is just beginning, they can apply, or help someone else apply, and get approval again. We can easily help those with good credit score obtain small business loans at no interest in Buffalo, but are not limited to this geographic location. As already mentioned, if your customers know others in different places within the U.S., they can offer this link as another way to do business or help their family and friends out. Visit today and find out more, or apply and receive a no-obligation phone call to find out more.

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