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Picture of a man using his cell phone and laptopWell-established businesses in Buffalo are pillars in their communities and local economies. They are fixtures that the general public are used to passing on the street every day. Their customers range from those who just pop in to explore the products or services to long-term clients who are familiar with the staff. These older companies sponsor community teams and events, supporting growth in all aspects of the community and helping to bring people together. Successful businesses can help everyone gain success since more money accumulated in profits benefits employees and means a larger spending budget for charities and donations.


Over time, every successful business finds itself in need of changes or repairs. Wear and tear on the building, equipment, and any models showcased for consumers should be updated. The condition they are in can reflect on the business’s own testament to detail and the care they take in providing their products and services. Replacing a step ladder or adding another coat of paint will hardly break the bank or cause an overhaul of the budget. But turning a storage space into additional offices or replacing an old x-ray machine with a state of the art digital device are heft investments. What about adding in a different software system or restructuring how products are marketed to consumers?

Customers can be resistant to changes even in how products are showcased, but all these changes can be for the good of the company. When it makes sense to expand in different ways or grow in different avenues, a business loan can help bridge the distance between how a company operates now and the new changes that will help increase efficiency and profits for the future. As the company grows and more money comes in, hopefully the savvy business owner can save the funds necessary to repair or restructure without dipping into a loan. For those who recognize that changes to how the business looks or works right now can mean a larger profit margin despite not having the extra funds for these changes right this minute, a loan can be a saving grace.


This all accounts for business functions that are positive. Small business owners can find themselves in difficult situations when they themselves fall sick or a loved one suffers from an illness. During the covid-19 pandemic, businesses that were turning profits in the millions suddenly found themselves on the brink of bankruptcy or closing their doors for good. Even among the best planners with large safety nets of savings for such a rainy day event, most did not have the savings to float their businesses through several months of quarantine. During this time, those that could turn to digitized services eagerly did so, but those who depended on human interaction to carry out the bulk of their sales suffered drastically. When the economy opened back up, many still had to file bankruptcy, when if they could have just held on for a few more weeks, they may have been in a much better place, able to once again provide customers with goods and services. Outside an unforeseeable event like a pandemic, disaster can still strike at a business owner. Illness or unexpected trips, even long awaited vacations can spin the company into disarray. Extra money for employees to keep things going, stabilize business dealings while the owner is away, and even bridge the time between the beginning of quarantine and the end can mean the difference between life and death for your company. Obtaining a business loan in these worst of circumstances can sometimes be quite tricky. While banks and other lenders may not look too closely at a personal illness situation, beyond recommending an additional insurance product on top of the loan, during the covid-19 pandemic, loans from these reputable establishments were in short supply. While the government scrambled together funds for grants and loans to help secure those still treading water, and hopefully secure their employees, such benefits were often not enough. In times like these, it is great idea to have a loan in place to help with any hardships.


Established businesses that look to expand are in a whole different ball of wax. Costs associated with more human resources, more equipment for those employees to use, and larger office and storage space to work out can be daunting. Yet it can be quite obvious the expansion efforts will pay off in the long term, if only a small business loan can be approved for the desired amount. Banks may be happy to foot the bill for the established business (new businesses that find themselves in expansion mode in less than two years will have a harder time for sure), for a fee that is attached in the form of interest rates. Need a large amount on loan to make the goals of expanding a reality? Don’t forget that you will need to put up some sort of collateral for the same amount. Don’t have high value assets? You may find yourself in some difficulty here.


On the whole, opportunities for a small business loan for your established business seem to be plentiful. Banks are happy to oblige what they see as a good risk. All that is needed is a good credit score for yourself or your business, and adequate collateral, as just about all bank small business loans are secured. Successful business owners can also be approved for optimized credit cards. These cards can help reach the goal amount of what is desired in credit, with the added benefit of a point’s rewards system to make your spending go even further. Between the interest rate on the bank loan and the very high rate on credit cards, though, it may be quite some time before you reap the full benefits of the large returns your business is capable of bringing in.


So which option(s) will you choose? Other lenders and credit unions may also have deals in your area, but what if you could spruce up your operations without paying more than the actual cost of the changes you implement or repairs that you order? What if instead of slogging away at minimum payments (or larger lump sums), you could enjoy higher profits coming in from your hard work almost immediately (right after you repay your loan)? Fundwise Capital has this solution for you. Fundwise Capital does not itself lend money, but has access to a vast network of lenders who do, as well as specialized knowledge that allows them to submit applications on your behalf in a way that allows you to be approved for all you need and more. The idea that the order in which loans and credit cards are applied for could impact the amount a borrower is approved for is a strange notion, and yet on some level makes sense. If a lender knows you already have X amount in one account, why should they approve you for Y amount more? Fundwise Capital will do the legwork for you and make sure your applications process is optimized for the highest amount you can obtain. With no upfront fees, there is no barrier to entry for their services. Payment comes by way of a 9% performance fee off the backend of the loan – much lower than you can hope from credit cards, most private lenders, and even many banks, who will charge interest (often compounding interest) daily or monthly.

Explore your options with Fundwise Capital. Fill out this easy questionnaire in 30 seconds and wait for the phone call that will change your life. No obligation, no risk to you. Have money in your account in as little as 10 days. What are you waiting for you? All our questions can be answered and your goals fulfilled. Apply today.

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